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 The South Wales Derbies



The South Wales Derbies



Dean Hayes



The Parrs Wood Press







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Synopsis :

This is the first-ever written account of the intense rivalry between Cardiff City and Swansea - the Bluebirds and the Swans - two great Welsh clubs that first met in the Southern League in 1912. Their derby games stretch over ninety years and this is the first opportunity to read the about the club's origins and how their histories have been played out against the local and national events of the last century - with old rivalries surfacing each time the teams met.

Each of the derbies has been carefully researched, with a full report on each of the 149 first-team meetings of the clubs - in the League, FA Cup, League Cup, Associate Members Cup, Welsh Cup and Southern League games - plus the lesser-known Wartime and Friendly encounters. Details about the clubs' grounds, profiles of their 'star players' and a statistical section provide compelling reading for supporters of both teams.

There may be further exciting encounters if Brian Flynn can turn the Swans' fortunes around; if they give those balls in the velvet bag a really good shake at Lancaster Gate, who knows what lies ahead?

Our verdict :

If you've seen some of these matches than this book will bring back some memories. Every match between the two teams is described in the book. You'll find a short match report and story to put this match in the right perspective. Every match comes with all the necessary statistics including players, goalscorers and attendances.

The matches fill 90% of the book. The other 10% is filled with overall statistics, a short introduction of both stadiums and some pages about the star players.

You could say it's not a book that you read from the first page to the last, but it's good for checking some stats.

It could have done with some more derby sauce (photo's, club/stadium information) as it seems a bit boring at first sight, but in the end it serves it's purpose.
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