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 Green Street Hooligans



Green Street Hooligans



Lexi Alexander





September 2005

Rating  : 

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Introduction :

Elijah Wood, Charlie Hunnam, Claire Forlani, Marc Warren, Leo Gregory, Henry Goodman, Geoff Bell, Rafe Spall, Kieran Bew, Ross McCall, Francis Pope, Christopher Hehir

A Harvard student moves to London and enters the world of football hooliganism. He becomes part of the Green Street Elite, a notorious West Ham United Firm.

Synopsis :

After journalism student Matt Buckner (Wood) gets the boot from Harvard for a crime he didn't commit, he travels to London to hang out with his married sister, Shannon (Forlani), and her husband, Steve (Warren). Steve hooks Matt up with his younger brother, Pete (Hunnam), who's a total football nut and leads a gang of West Ham United fans. Soon Matt's caught up in their hooliganism, including routinely fighting with rival gangs.

Our verdict :

Green Street Hooligans is not about football. It's a movie which shows you the world of English football hooligans, the world of the Green Street Elite to be exactly.

The Green Street Elite is a West Ham United firm. The club isn't too happy with this movie but for me as a fan it's very nice to see the famous club colours, logo, stadium and club chants in the movie. The director of the movie got some help from former hooligan Dougie Brimson.

We watched the movie in the cinema which makes it a bit more intense, but I think even when we would have watched it on a smaller screen than we still wouldn't have trouble watching the whole movie. It's not a very long movie and after the short introduction you get drawn into it quite quickly.

The story itself isn't great though and I had trouble seeing Elijah Wood as a feared hooligan.

Concluding, if you're interested in the hooligan scene or football culture than this might be something for you. If you're solely interested in the beautiful game than stay at home because you won't see any goals and the story itself isn't worth the money spend.
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