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 Football Grounds of London



Football Grounds of London



Alex White & Bob Lilliman



Tempus Publishing







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Synopsis :

Featuring all league and non league grounds within the M25, this book reveals the often turbulant pasts of these historic venues, and the stories of clubs like West Ham United, whose Upton Park home used to be part of an Elizabethan mansion called Boleyn Castle, the remains of which were shamelessly pulled down to allow a football ground to be built on the site.

Many venues have disappeared over the years, with East London being hit particularly hard. Grounds at Walthamstow Avenue, Ilford, Rainham Town, Thames and Leytonstone have been swallowed up by redevelopment and have now disappeared under new housing estates. More positively, Charlton Athletic and Fulham both looked in recent years to have left their historical homes of The Valley and Craven Cottage for good, but fan power saw both clubs return.

Author Alex White and photographer Bob Lilliman have between them visited all the grounds featured here, and as well as Alex's narrative and Bob's excellent pictures, which date back to the early 1970's, the two men share their memories of these historic venues.

Our verdict :

Everybody knows that London is one of the capitals of European football. The city hosts more than 10 professional football clubs and derbies are played week in week out.
Alex White and Bob Lilliman created a masterpiece with 'Football Grounds of London' by describing every ground that was ever used in London. It doesn't just cover the famous London grounds like Wembley and Highbury but it also features all non-league grounds.

Every ground is described in one or two pages (the book has over 200 pages, imagine the number of grounds!) and includes a black and white picture of each ground.

You can still go and visit some of them but most are now sadly disappeared. This is not a guide for when visiting London, it's a guide through history.
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