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Zeljeznicar - FK Sarajevo (2-1)
Premer League B&H, 30 April 2004
Stadium : Grbavica
Attendance : 16.000

I am Semir, 17 Years old and fan of FK Sarajevo. I am going to every match of my club, home or away.

Something special about the derby is that it is not just the greatest derby in Sarajevo but it's the greatest in whole Bosnia and Herzegovina and maybe even more than that. In the city of Sarajevo almost everyone (read everyone) likes football and the atmosphere on the day of the big derby is really great. On that day the town is divided in two parts : Horde Zla (FK Sarajevo's fans) and The Maniacs (FK Zeljeznicar fans). The rivalry between these two teams is bigger than anyone outside Sarajevo can imagine. In some families it is a "sin" if your daughter's husband or boyfriend is not fan of your club. On the day of the derby friendships are forgotten. The fans of your club become your best friend for the day and the opposite fans are your worst enemy. Almost every man from Sarajevo lives for that match, for that day, and if your team wins your provocations won't stop for maybe a month or more. On the day of derby the town is coloured only in two colours ; burgundy or dark red (FK Sarajevo) and Blue (FK Zeljeznicar).

Usually the stadium is full 45-50 minutes before the start of the game and singing starts about 45 minutes before kick off and doesn't stop until the final whistle.

On today's match both sets of fans made a beautiful coreography when the players came out onto the pitch (this is something usual for these matches).
On our stand was written in coloured parts of cartbord "HZ loves Sarajevo" (HZ is abbreviation of FC Sarajevo's fans Horde Zla) and on the South Stand (the location of the FC Zeljeznicar's fans) was written FCZ (which is the abbreviation of Fudbalski Klub Zeljeznicar).

The atmosphere was great, especially when Sarajevo scored a goal in the 6th minute. The North-,West- and East stands of the Grbavica Stadium
were in delirium. We celebrated the goal with some fireworks (torchlights). FCZ equalised and took the lead in the 83th minute. The FKZ fans made good atmosphere.

After every derby fans of the winning team are driving throught Sarajevo with scarves and flags, and they are cheering for their team, that party finishes at 12:00 pm or maybe later.

Today's match was very important for both teams because a win for FK Sarajevo would mean they were the new champions. Unfortunately Zeljeznicar did win the match which means NK Siroki Brijeg is this season's champion, and to UEFA Cup qualification goes to Zeljeznicar ...

Report added : 01 September 2004
Report by : Semir
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