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Celtic FC - Rangers FC (3-0)
Scottish Premier League, 03 January 2004
Stadium : Celtic Park
Attendance : 59.000

The Old Firm is definitely one of the best derby matches in the world. The match on January 3th was my first Old Firm game.

Getting tickets was very hard and my parents were trying to get tickets for quite a while. When we finally got them I was so excited. We got 2 tickets so me and my mom went.

Our seats were about 12 rows behind the front row. They were absolutely great seats. The seats were behind the goal. We were in the Jock Stein Stand and about 5 rows away from the separation of the Celtic fans and Rangers fans.

Outside the stadium the atmosphere was really breathtaking. The Rangers fans weren't there because they were all in another part of the stadium.

Inside the stadium was a lot more breathtaking then probably anything I've experieced in my life! We were singing very loudly and the Rangers fans were doing their part as well, although they couldn't outsing the Parkhead faithful ;)

I think the best part of the atmosphere before kickoff was when we sang "You'll Never Walk Alone". There was no crowd trouble. The only thing mentionable was what the Celtic and Rangers fans were shouting at at eachother across the separation.

The Celtic fans sang mostly the usual, such as "The Celtic Song" and "A Grand Old Team". I don't know any Rangers songs but I heard some of their songs. The 2 sets of fans were singing about eachother mostly saying that the other team is bad and can't play football.

After seeing my team Celtic beat Rangers 3-0 it was a great Old Firm game for me to be at.

Report added : 18 July 2004
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