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 Atmosphere report

Feyenoord - Ajax (0-4)
Eredivisie, 22 Oktober 2006
Stadium : de Kuip
Attendance : 41.000

Today is the first "Klassieker" of the season. A crowd of 1600 people gathers around 9.00am in front of the Ajax-stadium, where we have to take the train to Rotterdam. It's always a sport to get on the first train, because then you'll have a fair chance to stand on the lower tier of the Kuip.

As we approach Rotterdam, a welcoming committee waits for us at every station nearby Rotterdam. As we get off the train onto a highly secured station, we all start to run towards the entrance of our block, screaming and singing.

About an hour before kick-off, most of the Ajax-fans have already entered the stadium and the atmosphere is becoming tense. Both sides start singing songs, Feyenoord fans calling us "Joden" (Jews) and we're answering by calling them "kakkerlakken" (cockroaches).

At 12.30 p.m., the game finally begins... Although Ajax is doing well and Feyenoord is having a bad streak at the moment, this is a game on its own. The position on the table is not important now, it's all about winning against your arch-rivals.

It is obvious that the players on the pitch also regard this as one of the most important matches in the season, the first 10 minutes of the game both teams are acting a bit nervous. Then Ajax gets a corner and Huntelaar heads it in, 0-1! Of course, the Ajax crowd goes insane, while feyenoord-fans stop singing. The goal takes away the self-confidence (or what was left after having played a couple of terrible matches) of the feyenoord-players and Ajax start a furious attack on the enemy goal. After having missed a couple of chances (by Gabri and Sneijder) that even my grandma would've put against the back of the net, Huntelaar scores again after a nice pass of Perez.

The game is virtually over now with the second goal scored just before half-time. The Feyenoord-fans have become completely silent by now and during half-time, the only fans you hear are the Ajax-fans.

Just a minute of 5 in the second half, a Feyenoord player makes a foul in the box, penalty-kick! Ajax is now playing towards their own fans and Perez decides to celebrate with his fans after he left Timmer (keeper feyenoord) no chance.

Whenever there was still any hope left for the feyenoord-fans and -players, it is now completely vaporised. Ajax dominated the rest of the game, with lots of chances, but they fail to score. Eventually Perez also gets his second goal when the fFyenoord-defence doesn't manage to get the ball out of their own box.

Again the Ajax-fans go insane, while the first Feyenoord-fans are starting to leave the stadium, defeated and disappointed in their own squad.

The remainder of the game, Ajax-fans remain singing humiliating songs like "ze worden weer vernederd in de Kuip", which means as much as 'once again they are humiliated in the Kuip'.

By leaving the stadium after the game, the usual crowd of Feyenoord-fans saying us goodbye isn't that big this time. Feyenoord-fans take their huge loss as they should take it, humble...

With a great atmosphere back in the trains and the knowledge that Ajax now has a positive score-sheet away at Feyenoord, we return to Amsterdam.

On Monday morning, I read the headlines of the papers... Without any exception, the head article starts with: "Feyenoord humiliated by Ajax on their own ground". I can't surpress a big smile...

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Report added : 10 January 2007
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