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Athens, Greece

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 Atmosphere report

AC Milan - Inter Milan (0-1)
Serie A, 03 March 2002
Stadium : San Siro
Attendance : 85.000

Together with some friends I went to see the Milan derby in March 2003.

After a trip of about 10 hours (we live in Belgium), I bought a ticket on the black market for about 29 euro's. I was seated at the Curva Sud, where the Milan Ultras were seated too.

More than two hours before kick-off there was already a line of Milanisti who wanted to enter the stadium to have a good seat. In the meanwhile they amused themselves by taunting Inter-fans who were passing by.

When the officials decided to open the gates it seemed like everyone was trying to beat the 400 meters world record. We had to run the shit out of ourselves to have a good seat ... unfortunetaly we didn't. I had to stand on one leg, the stand was so full of people. But at least I had a good view on the pitch ... untill one minute before kick-off! Everyone started to push and I was pushed back behind some big fat Milanista *lol*.

As always during the Milan-derby, the fans were taunting their rivals.

In the second half, we decided to go to the lower stand, were we had a much better view on the pitch. When Vieri scored 0-1, Inter-fans were celebrating almost everywhere in the stadium. They did also in our stand, but they got kicked out of it. So we made the right choice by coming to this stand.

After the final whistle, the Inter-fans kept celebrating in their Curva Nord. The Milanista left the stadium as soon as possible, they didn't want to see that! On our way to and in the metro I saw nothing but Milan-fans. But outside, there were a lot of cars honking.

Report added : 29 June 2004
Report by : Thomas
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