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Zeljeznicar - FK Sarajevo (2-1)
Bosnian League, 30 April 2004
Stadium : Grbavica
Attendance : 16.000

Thursday after 18.30 I decided to fly the next morning to the fantastic city derby of Zeljo against Sarajevo. I wanted to go to this derby since I went to Sarajevo the first time (3 years ago). The cousin of my girlfriend always talked about the atmosphere and the rivality between the two clubs of Sarajevo. He showed me a lot of pictures and some movies too. ever since that moment I was thinking : 'This is a game you have to see at least once in your life'.

After flying to Vienna and further to Sarajevo, we arrived at 3 am at the local airport. We then had only 2 hours to drop our stuff at grandma's place and to race to the stadium. When we came near the stadium 45 minutes before the match, we saw a lot of people hanging out their cars a showing their flags and scarfs.

Entering the not totally sold out stadium - because of the high price that day: 5 instead of 2,50 euro - we heard already a lot of singing and shouting. When we finally took our STANDING place we were ready to rumbleeeeeeeeee.

When the game started there was some tifo action accomponied by singing from both sides and some firework bombs.

After almost 10 minutes there was already a nice goal by Sarajevo (0-1). By halftime everybody sat down (read again sat down). This is exactly the opposite of games we watch in our little country (The Netherlands). Here everybody sits the whole game (except when we score) and at halftime we stand up.

After the tea we saw a better Zeljo by scoring soon in the second half and eventually 5 minutes before the end. I want to thank my girlfriend and her cousin with friends for making this day one to remember!

Report added : 24 June 2004
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