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Sturm Graz - Grazer AK (0-2)
Austrian Bundesliga, 09 May 2004
Stadium : Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadion
Attendance : 13.500

The match of the Blacky’s against the Red Devils started at 5pm.

Some time before that the ultras of both teams already made a good atmosphere. The match was important because the SK Sturm wanted to leave the relegation fight while the GAK wanted to make 3 important points for the championship. Because of that the two fan groups gave all.

The Sturm-fans were well organized for their support and they made a nice choreography before the match.

The first half wasn’t very good because both teams were very nervous. But the second half began with a red card from the GAK-player Samir Muratovic. To this time the SK Sturm got better and better, but suddenly a free kick caused the lead for the GAK. The scorer was Roland Kollmann, the leader in the scorer list in Austria. Now the SK Sturm became very nervous and the GAK fans sang: "We will be the new champion!". Substitute Amadou Rabihou, a great talent of Sturm, also saw the red card. Now the Blacky’s pulled everything together, and the GAK made the 2:0 on a fast break.

But the fans of SK Sturm were still supporting the team with loud chants. The special thing about the Sturm-fans is that all the fans on the grandstand also shout the chants together with the ultras!!! That’s very special in Austria. Because of that and some things more (all the fans stand up if there is a good sliding tacke or a good shot) there is an English atmosphere at games of the SK Sturm.

One week later the GAK won the championship first time, and Sturm Graz lost against their direct concurrent against the relegation. The decision for them will fall in the last round this season. That match is already sold out. Another proof of the faithfulness of the SK Sturm-fans.

Report added : 20 May 2004
Report by : Michi
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