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Millwall FC - West Ham United (1-0)
The Championship (1st Div.), 21 November 2004
Stadium : The Den
Attendance : 15.025

Well where do I start? It's 1 of the biggest rival games in England. I'm a West Ham fan and my dad had got 2 tickets to go to Millwall - West Ham.

Now I don't normally have any problems going to a football match but this day was different, I got up at 7 and me and my dad were out of the door by 8. We met up with some other West Ham fans at Stratford station and got on the Jubilee to London Bridge.

When we got there that's when the nerves started to kick in. There was dogs and riot police and we weren't even at the ground yet. When we finally got off the train at South Bermondsey we were right outside Millwall's ground.

The noise was already loud, we got off the train and got escorted out of the station along this alley way that had bin built especially for away supporters. Half way down this alley way, there were police waiting to search us. After they had searched us I started to feel sick because I was so nervous. I think I was nervous because I had heared all the stories in the past about Millwall - West Ham matches. Anyway when I was in the ground I felt a bit safer because we were only allowed to have the upper tier of the away end.

The atmosphere was one of the best I've ever been to, I joined in with the singing (as you do) but then the unthinkable happened, West Ham had gone 1-0 down and that was it, fans were trying to get to the home fans and there was things thrown.

After the game I became nervous again, Dennis Wise came down to the away end and started to humiliate us and the West Ham fans reacted and were throwing coins and programmes at him. But then the police had locked us inside the ground because the Millwall fans hadn't cleared the platform yet.

Tempers were flying but eventually we were allowed on to the platform. But eventually we were back in East London and I felt safer. I was eventually at home and calm now and was just looking back on the day and despite all the nerves and the bad result, I really enjoyed myself.

Report added : 11 May 2006
Report by : Lee Lowley
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