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Hammarby - AIK Stockholm (2-0)
Alllsvenskan, 03 May 2006
Stadium : Soderstadion
Attendance : 14.694

My final derby (of four) during an 8 day trip to Scandanavia was in some ways the most intense being played in a smaller more intimate stadium in the south of Stockholm.

The feeling of arriving at Gullmarsplan station and the short walk to Hammarby’s Soder Stadium, seemingly surrounded by offices and a shopping centre, together with the green & white colours of the milling fans gives you the feeling of probable intensity.

Wherever you are in this stadium is close to the action - although those watching from the overlooking buildings have more of a birds-eye view.

The 2000 or so AIK fans (streamed in away from the main shopping area/station) are allocated half of the right hand terrace (it was later announced that they did not take their full allocation) & the remainder of the stadium is Hammarby support with the ultras over in the opposite (to the main stand) side.

These Bajen guys beat out the hammarby… hammarby… rhythm.
The teams entered to flags & flares from the black (AIK) army and green & white from hammarby.

And the noise continued pretty much thoughout – though the black army drifted away sometime before the end (when their team conceded a second goal).

With both teams at the top of the league this was a fine win for Hammarby who despite sacrificing the extra revenue that would have been gained from playing at the Rasunda enjoyed the benefit of a passionate home crowd. Like many I drifted away with that hammarby…hammarby …hammarby sound in my mind.

Though none of these Scandanavian derbies have the visceral intensity of (say) Turkey or Greece or South America they certainly do have their own passion & style.

Report added : 07 May 2006
Report by : k397m
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