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FC Copenhagen - Brondby IF (0-0)
SAS league, 30 April 2006
Stadium : Parken
Attendance : 41.201

The big Copenhagen derby took place at 5.30pm on a coldish, wet day at the Parken stadium – for me a fairly short walk from Osterport station after I'd been to Fremad Amager vs Lyngby (who brought some lively supporters) towards the south of the city.

There seemed to be an evident mixing of fans (more so than in the Stockholm derbies for instance) without any apparent trouble for this sold out game.

Inside the stadium the Brondby support were at the 3-tier end with the 'ultras' at the front & unusually in such a stadium, the main FCK support were arrayed in the side - opposite the main stand (again with 'ultras' in the lower tier).

Though not comparable to 'the Jungle' during an Old Firm game they were nevertheless pretty loud. Both sets of supporters had their visual presentations well coordinated & a noisy atmosphere continued no doubt fuelled by the amount of beer (mainly Carlsberg ?) being drunk.

FCK with a 6 point over Brondby in the league generally had the upper hand and could have clinched the win near the end when Ijeh (on for Alvaro Santos) missed a good chance.

Report added : 06 May 2006
Report by : k397m
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