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Newcastle United - Sunderland AFC (3-2)
Premier League, 23 Oktober 2005
Stadium : St. James Park
Attendance : 52.000

A few thousand Sunderland fans travelled to Newcastle, mostly by special club coaches but the more reckless fans by train. As we pulled up at St. James Park loads of young Newcastle fans were shouting at us from behind a line of police, spitting and throwing coins towards us.

We went straight into the stadium before trouble really started. Once inside the stadium gradually filled up as we drank in the bar, everyone shouting and chanting "we hate Newcastle" and a lot of abusive songs and chants.

Once the match began you could feel the hate towards us, both sides shouting at and threatening each other all game, seeing who had the most abusive songs. It was a great entertaining game, many say one of the best premiership games of the season but we somehow lost 3-2 but they will admit they were lucky to win.

After the game the police said we would be kept inside the stadium while they cleared the area outside (I guess Newcastle fans were waiting for us at that point) but a group of Sunderland fans pushed through police and stewards and ran down the stairs from the stand, broke past more police and kicked open the doors of the stadium and hundreds ran out and straight into the Newcastle fans waiting for us.

Fighting everywhere, police hitting everyone with batons, missiles flying. Sunderland picked up a road barrier fence and used it as a battering ram and rammed it into the Newcastle fans. People had blood all over them, some said it was the worst derby day fighting in years but there had been clashes between fans a lot worse than this when the teams weren't even playing each other.

Later that night some 20 Sunderland fans had stayed in Newcastle (bravely or stupidly) and went to bigg market to drink. They walked into a pub and were immediatly recognised by someone and attacked.

Report added : 16 April 2006
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