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Athens, Greece

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Bohemians - Shamrock Rovers (2-2)
Irish Premier League, 13 April 2004
Stadium : Dalymount
Attendance : 5000

As a Bohs fan there is no better experience then beating the scum! Rovers fans are our enemy and always will be. The games are always dangerous and vicious as fighting between the "casuals" takes place before and after the game. The hatred at these games are like no other matches I have attended in my life. The games are such a security risk that the clubs cannot promote the games , thus as a result of the lack of promotion the game only gets an attendance of around 3-5 thousand fans. However that does not matter as the hardcore fans always attend this game as a matter of life and death.

The last game between the two sides ended 2-2 with bohs scoring a penalty from Kevin Hunt in the last minute. The hatred at the game was so noticable as bohs had signed two previous rovers players Grant and Keddy and because of this a pigs head and any object in sight was directed at the players in question. When we scored the goal to level the game, the celebration would beat winning the league.

However as the game ended the ugly side of the fixture emerged again as hooligans (casuals) were to confront each other again. As usual the local gardia in riot gear were left behind and do not have a clue about the hatred between the two sides.

In conclusion this game has everything a derby should have great noise and colour, pure hatred and exciting football. A game that cannot be missed.

Report added : 24 April 2004
Report by : Keane
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