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River Plate - Boca Juniors (2-0)
Apertura, 07 November 2004
Stadium : Monumental
Attendance : 63.000

I saw 8 games in 10 days during November 04 when visiting Buenos Aires - with the superclasico as the centrepiece.

I secured a ticket for Boca - River via my hotel. As this was my first time at this game I wasn't sure how dangerous it would be. I was picked up & taken to the game & taken back to the hotel all for 50 (US) dollars, including translations into English (worth the money alone).

We went straight into the stadium about 1hr 30 mins before the start & had tickets in the (lower) side with the boca fans to the right, some 8000 in the top tier.

Unlike (current) games in England there was a great build up with the chants starting an hour or so before kick off.

For me it's the greatest derby that I've ever seen (and probably the greatest in the world). It has all the ingredients: two very big successful clubs renowned around the world, hatred, passion, constant noise, many chants & songs, colour, full stadium & significant away support.

The atmosphere helped greatly by still having terraces (standing)
even though the stadium is open (no roof), like most in Argentina, the noise is formidable.

My favourite memory is the entrance of the river barra brava some 15 mins before the kick off(my translator told me when they started to sing the song saying 'the barra brava are coming'). It still gives me shivers down my back whenever I think about it. Curiously the boca barra brava didn't enter until nearly half-time. You would keep looking at their section & see the space being prepared wondering why they were waiting.

We were kept in for about 45 mins after the game to allow the away fans to leave, following which we met up with our driver.

I did see a small fight outside but nothing too serious
then drove back into central Buenos Aires. Along those wide streets with happy river fans waving flags, sounding horns etc.

I understand the fans of the winner of the superclasico climb up the (67m) obelisk in Avenida 9 de Julio and put their flag on the top to proclaim their victory.

Buenos Aires must be the greatest football city in the world, certainly for club football, with so many big derby games.

Everywhere you see one word 'pasion' graffiti that symbolises their football supporters & particularly this game.

Report added : 27 Oktober 2005
Report by : k397m
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