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 Atmosphere report

Sampdoria - Genoa (4-1)
Serie A, 01 November 1992
Stadium : Luigi Ferraris (Marassi)
Attendance : 40.000

I went to see this match because the Genoa supporters had been fantastic during the Uefa Cup match against my team Ajax. During the great day we met some Italian girls and they invited us for the next Derby. I was the only one that really went to the match in November and I never regret that decision.

The whole city of Genova was filled with flags and banners of both teams. Genoa is the team of the people and Doria of the rich. Genoa had allready won my heart and I was going to support them. Doria was at home, so we only had the Gradinata Nord, home of the fanatic Genoa support.

The atmosphere was electric, the Genoa-fans especially love their team with such a passion. I would only see years later, when I attended the Roman Derby.

Much to our dismay, Sampdoria trashed us 4-1. Genoa was played of the park, still the Gradinata Nord kept singing for their team.

I still follow Genoa every week and I hope that their fantastic fans will be back in the serie A soon, because they are true Serie A supporters.

Report added : 01 April 2004
Report by : Michael Smit
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