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Dinamo Zagreb - Hajduk Split (0-0)
Croatian First Division, 11 September 2005
Stadium : Maksimir
Attendance : 35.000

Now I'm not drunk anymore I can add this report about yesterday's match Dinamo Zagreb - Hajduk Split match.

We(my four friends and me) met at my place where I gave them their tickets that I bought a week earlier for 20kn (3 euro). When I was buying them I had to queue for an hour to get them. I bought tickets for the North stand (Bad Blue Boys stand) so we expected many people, shouting, singing, jumping and coreography.

It was my birthday so I bought some beers too. We had some trouble with cops for so many alchocol in our blood and because we were trying to go arround the police and beat Torcida (Hajduk fans).

At that day whole Zagreb was in "the blue spirit". Streets, areas, parking places all coloured in blue. We were waiting for this moment for one year as we were waiting for revenge after a terrible season last year and after our captain and trainer left us in favour of our biggest rivals Hajduk. They were traitors and for traitors Zagreb has no respect. The atmosphere around Zagreb streets was agressive for weeks and all Dinamo fans were talking about 5 goals in the white goal (hajduk wear white color). There was even one song about that: 'pet komada,pet komada to je naša naaada!!!' (five goals,five goals thats our hooope!).

When we arrived at Maksimir street there were many foreign fans looking for spare tickets, but there was no chance that they would get tickets from official club seller. I had one ticket more then I needed so I sold it for thirty kunas (4 euros and some) to some drunk fan from Plitvice. I was glad that I could help him.

When we came to the Maksimir street there was shouting. Usual stuff and making fun of hajduk, Kranjèar(home traitor), æiro(trainer who left for hajduk) the most common songs were: 'Svinjo debela,svinjo debela,svinjo debela,svinjo debela NEMA OPROSTA!'(fat pig,fat pig,fat pig,fat pig we are not forgiving you - a song refering to kranjèar -he was very fat when he played for Dinamo) and another one: 'jedna ce torcida plakati ovu noc,jebi se jebi splite Dinamo sampion!!!' (one torcida will cry tonight, go to hell Split, Dinamo champion).

When we got to the stadium it was very early, but there were many people already on the south (2000 Hajduk fans), on the north (4000 Bad Blue Boys), on the east (700), west (5000).

We bought something for our hands so we could recognize each one of us in the crowd. We were sitting by the third leader(there are three leaders of the shouting, one on the right side, one in the middle (main leader) and one on the left (our leader)). We waited and shouted for two hours before the game actually started.

On the stadium there were no places to sit. You could only stay on your legs as it was too crowded. There was no coreography because the BBB leaders had a fight with the police about transparents as the cops didn't allowed it. So we were fighting a little bit with them at the beginning of the match : 'kill cops,kill cops,kill cops,kill cops those bastards!'.

When the Hajduk players got out there there was such a whistling and booing you can hardly imagine. Especially for trainer and for Kranjèar and again singing from the first minute till Kranjèar first time arrived to take a corner kick. We fired bengals and throw them on them, the game was stopped for five minutes because of the great fireworks from BAD BLUE BOYS. There were also many cell phones, stones, fruits, bengals, watches and even bricks thrown onto the pitch towards Kranjèar (I personally threw my watch at him)

He was in great fear and he should be because the songs about him didn't stop : 'bježi Niko ko te jebe Purgeri se srame tebe, Niko pederu, Niko pederu!' (run Niko,we dont care,Purgeri(citizens of Zagreb) are in shame of you, Niko u are fag, Niko u are fag). Then another one about torcida : 'ubi ubi ubi tovara tovara tovaraaa!' (kill,kill,kill tovara, tovara, tovaraaa - tovar is a nickname for dalmatians, people from south of Croatia. And one more about Stipe Pletikosa(goalkeeper of Hajduk) : 'Stipe pederu šalalala, Stipe pederu šalalalalala' (stipe faggot shalalala, Stipe faggot shalalalalala). And then one stand starts and the other one responds (we are Purgeri, we are the strongest one, Dinamo Zagreb, Svinjo-debela....and so on).

The game itself was bad as neither Hajduk or Dinamo scored. We had some good chances and the referee was bad. He should have given 3 penalty kicks for Dinamo and about 8 yellow cards to Hajduk.

Fans of Torcida made some little firework and they were shouting too but there was very little of them and they werent loud at all. I only saw that fireworks nothing else from them.

Even with the draw I still had a great time and I lost my voice.

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Report added : 12 September 2005
Report by : Andrej
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