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Zeljeznicar - FK Sarajevo (1-1)
Premier Liga BiH, 04 May 2005
Stadium : Grbavica
Attendance : 12.000

The 85th derby between Zeljeznicar and Sarajevo ended without winner, the final result was 1-1. Sarajevo scored the first goal in the injury time of the first half. It was a penalty scored by Pelak. Zeljeznicar equalised in the 55th minute by a nice goal of Gredic. Sarajevo was the much better team, but we didn't have any luck today.

Atmosphere in the stadium was good, especially at the start of the match. About 12.000 fans of both teams made a wonderful atmosphere. The stadium was almost full about 30 minutes before the match started.

The fans of Zeljeznicar made a nice coreography, but it was nothing new, so it wasn't too special. They made five vertical lines by blue and white nylon.

On the other side of the stadium the fans of Sarajevo opened the match with spread scarves and flags while singing songs that express the situation FK Sarajevo is in now: 'Even when you (Sarajevo) lose games we will always be with you'. This song shows the situation of our club, as Sarajevo is in a really hard situation this season. Somewhere during the season Sarajevo was even bottom of the league.

The black spot of the match was the fighting in the 36th minute between Sarajevo's and Zeljenzicar's fans on the north stand and on the east stand. The reason was a bad decision by the referee (he didn't give a penalty to Sarajevo and even showed a red card to Sarajevo's coach Husref Musemic because of protesting).

The Maniacs who were in the north stand start calling us names, and we were furious not only because of that, but also because this penalty and red card. We started ripping off seats and throwing them onto the pitch and towards the Zeljo fans.

After those incidents The Maniacs from the South Stand started throwing little pieces of rock on the fans of Sarajevo located on the East Stand. But the police did a good job and stopped it before it became a serious problem and real fight between fans on the East Stand.

The final result of these fighting was about 15 injured fans of both teams, and about 30 arrested fans. What's for sure is that this derby will be forgotten soon, because the lack of good play, and because of the problems on the stands.


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Report added : 07 May 2005
Report by : Semir
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