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Feyenoord - Ajax (1-2)
Dutch Eredivisie, 26 August 2001
Stadium : "de Kuip"
Attendance : 42000

It was a hot day in August. But 42.000 footballfans preferred "De Kuip" above going to the beach. The match between those rivals started 15 minutes later, because not all the fans had the chance to enter the stadium.

Unfortunaly I was placed in a Feyenoord-side. And I'm an Ajax-fan. So I had to hide my emotions. The atmosphere was great. The whole stadium sang Feyenoord-songs and lots of flags were shown.

When both teams entered the pitch, some Feyenoord-fans threw toilet-paper on the Ajax-goal. So Grim had to remove it. Feyenoord fans were laughing and singing: "Fredje, maak je doeltje schoon!" ("Freddy, clean up your goal!")

It was a boring first half. The only 'entertainment' come from the fans. Ajax-fans started to sing: "Joden, joden... we worden kampioen" ("Jews, jews... we're going to be the champions"). After that it was quiet for about 2 seconds. And than the whole stadium laughed at them.

The second half was better. And the level of the game rose. After an hour played Zlatan Ibrahimovic entered the pitch replacing Machlas. And 4 minutes later Zlatan scored his first goal for Ajax. After great play by Trabelsi on the right-side. But several minutes later Trabelsi got his second yellow card by fouling Ebi Smolarek, who just entered the pitch instead of Leonardo. Another substitute at Ajax. Young defender Johnny Heitinga made his debute by replacing Arveladze.

10 minutes before full time, Rafael van der Vaart went past Kees van Wonderen. He advanced into the area and beated Dudek from a difficult angle.

Feyenoord put Ajax under pressure the last minutes. And 3 minutes in injury time it was succesfull at last. Tomasson scored after a scrimmage, but it was too late to scare the "Jews"! 1-2 was the final score.

Lots of Feyenoord-supporters got emotional and sat on their seat staring in the distance. Some of them cried. It was quite impressive.

Dudek; Emerton, De Haan, Van Wonderen, Rzasa ('78. Leonardo II); Kalou ('46. Ono), Bosvelt, Paauwe, Leonardo I ('67. Smolarek); Tomasson, Van Hooijdonk.

Grim; Trabelsi, Chivu, Bergdolmo, Vierklau; Yakubu, Van der Vaart, Maxwell; Wamberto ('79. Knopper), Machlas ('60. Ibrahimovic), Arveladze ('69. Heitinga).

'64 0-1... Zlatan Ibrahimovic
'80 0-2... Rafael van der Vaart
'90 1-2... Jon Dahl Tomasson

Yellow cards: Trabelsi, Heitinga (Aja); Tomasson (Fey).

Red card(s): Trabelsi ('68, 2x yellow)

Report added : 28 January 2004
Report by : Sjoerdinho
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