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Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herz.

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 Atmosphere report

Manchester United - Liverpool FC (2-1)
Premier League, 20 September 2004
Stadium : Old Trafford
Attendance : 67.801

It was a day all of us Manchester United fans love to see come. United v Liverpool.

It was an 8:00 pm kick off so I got on the train in St. Helens at about 6:30 pm and arrived in Manchester for 7:00 pm. I then made my way to the metrolink tram with my fellow Man Utd fans which was jam packed with Mancunians singing anti-scouser songs as if they were already in the stadium itself.

We then arrived at the end of the famous 'Sir Matt Busby Way' street were it again was full of Man United supporters walking towards the ground screaming at the top of their voices, and grabbing a last few pints before entering the 'Theatre of Dreams'.

I had managed to purchase a few seats in the main Stretford End (West 2nd Tier) about row 15 or so. We got into our seats for about 7:45, where a close to full stadium was already beginning their chants for United.

As for the game itself, It was fantastic also, Rio Ferdinand's come back from his ban made the result that much better. Mikeal Silvestre with two headed goals to seal the victory against the kop-ites was a dream for me personally as I love to beat them.

As for the liverpool fans themselves you have to give them credit for their what? 5, 6 songs the whole match of which most of them was that 'fields of athenry' song. The whole of the Stretford End deafened the famous stadium with there 'United Road' song and of course thier skit of liverpool's "You'll never walk alone" song by going "sign up with hope in your heart and you'll never get a job" which in a way is true considering liverpool's high unemployment rates.

By no suprise there was trouble outside the ground, where by the Busby End there was a group of Man United fans taunting the scousers which ultimately ended up in a small brawl. But it was taken care of by the mounted police quite quickly.

Report added : 02 March 2005
Report by : Paddy the Stretford Ender
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