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Atalanta Bergamo - Brescia (0-0)
Serie A, 14 November 2004
Stadium : Atleti Azzurri d'Italia
Attendance : 16.147

Brescia received 1500 tickets for this derby and another 700 fans made it into the stadium with other tickets. The Brescia fans where transported by 3 special trains for their 50 km journey to Bergamo.

When they arrived at the Bergamo station they were brought to busses which would bring them to the stadium (70 fans in a 40-50 capacity bus). The busses stopped near the stadium and the fans had to walk the last part of their journey. Here it came to the first encounter of both fan groups. People were hitting with bars and throwing bengali fireworks and other things. The fighting was terminated when the police arrived.

The fans from Bergamo regrouped and the fans from Brescia where led to the stadium by another way. When they arrived at the stadium the gates were already open and they were 'pushed' into the ground.

Inside the stadium, the Bresciani started to insult their opponents immediately nad there was a lot of singing. At this time further fans that arrived at the stadium had to argue with the police because the police didn't want any more fans inside the stadium. Various songs against the police could be heared.

When the match started the Bresciani mad a great TIFO with benagli fireworks and smoke. On the other side of the stadium the Bergamo fans showed a large banner with black and blue smoke all over the stands.
The ended in a 0:0 draw which wasn't what both teams had hoped for. However the Brescia fans seemed most happy with it because their singing was still loud and never stopped.

After the match the police locked the exits of the stadium and held the Bresciani fans inside for nearly an hour. The fans were brought to the busses immediately. Far away you could hear the fans of Bergamo trying to reach the Brescia fans but this was prevented by the police using tear gass. The Bresciani reached their own city without any incidents.

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Report added : 17 November 2004
Report by : Pascal
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