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FC Zurich - Grasshoppers (2-0)
League, 28 June 2007
Stadium : Hardturm
Attendance : 18.137

This was the deciding match of the 07/08 season. FC Zurich had the possibility to become league champions with a win against GC in the last match while FC Basel had to win and to hope that FC Zurich would make a draw or lose.

GC was at this time safe in the middle of the league table, had no ambitions any more for this season. Furthermore the new direction of the club had fired the coach, Krassimir Balakov, just before this last game.

Even though GC fans consider both contender for the championship, FC Basel and FC Zurich as their rivals, an owerwhelming majority of the GC-Fans hoped that their team would beat FC Zurich in the last game and that FC Basel would become league champions.

The main reason for this was that GC Fans didn't want to watch FC Zurich win and celebrate the championship in GC's home stadium. Furthermore GC had to play this match away in their own stadium as the Letzigrund stadium (FC Zurichs home ground) was being renovated at this time.

Then the direction of FC Zurich didn't provide all away tickets to Grasshopper-Club Fans but preferred selling 2/3 of these tickets to FCZ supporters.

And because of that there was an atmosphere of hatred in the stadium. Between the away sector and the FCZ fan sector just beside, was only a little improvised fence and therefore bread and even stones (!) flew over the fence in both directions and some hooligans tried to get into the other sector but were hindered by the police who came in between.

From over the away sector some FCZ Fans threw similar things down into the GC-Fans. Because most of the spectators supported FCZ, their fans, all wearing a white shirt, were logically louder.

The game was quite balanced but finally FCZ won 2-0 and could celebrate their second consecutive win of the championship.

Report added : 03 February 2008
Report by : Anaximandros
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