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Ajax - Feyenoord (3-0)
Eredivisie, 03 February 2008
Stadium : Amsterdam ArenA
Attendance : 49.893

For matches like this there are not many tickets available for non-season ticket holders. I went to the ticket service point as early as possible as I knew this would be sold-out in a few minutes (electronic system). Usually I can get tickets for about 25 Euro but this time there were only tickets left for 40 Euro or more. They were selling fast! I decided to take the 40 Euro ticket as I didn't want to miss the biggest match of the season.

The match was played on Sunday at 12:30 (way too early!). I left my house at 10:00 as I wanted to see the Feyenoord trains arrive. The first train should arrive at about 11:00 and the 2nd train at about 11:30. It's always fun to see the 'welcoming' of the 1600 Feyenoord fans.

I entered the stadium about an hour before the match. The ArenA was still empty. Only the Feyenoord section was occupied and VAK410 was also pretty busy.

The start of the match was spectacular. The North side of the Amsterdam ArenA (Vak410) showed the biggest flag ever seen in The Netherlands. It was a red and white flag covering both the 1st and 2nd tier behind the goal.

There were also some flares/fireworks and the rest of the stadium were holding red and white papers creating a nice coreography when the players entered the pitch.

The match itself wasn't very exciting as Ajax was far better. They outclassed Feyenoord and should have won 7-0, 8-0 maybe. Ajax missed a lot of chances so the match ended with a 3-0 victory.

The 2nd half of the match was a little bit delayed because of a fire in section 410. There were red and white smoke bombs but suddenly this became black smoke. I could see pretty large flames but it was soon under control.

After the match, the Feyenoord players wanted to thank their travelling support but all they received were insults. They embarrassed their fans today with this horrible performance.

For us it was a great day, it was a shame that it didn't turn out to be a historical victory but 'just' 3-0.

Report added : 03 February 2008
Report by : Jordy
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