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NAC Breda - Willem II (1-0)
Eredivisie, 19 January 2008
Stadium : Rat Verlegh Stadion
Attendance : 16.580

In this episode of the 'Brabantse Derby' tickets were just EUR 17,- and we didn't need an away-clubcard, so we decided to go to Breda with a group of friends.

The match started at 19:30, and the busses left in Tilburg at !!17:00!!, while the distance between Tilburg and Breda is only 20 km. Coming in Breda we had to walk from the busses to the stadium which is really normal. But when we came around the corner there was a path with only mud. Which lead to a lot of cursing from the Willem II fans. After having a little discussion with the boy from the catering we walked into the stand.

When we came into the stands we had the choice of 2 away stands, because when there aren't lots of tickets sold for the away stand, one of the 2 stands goes to fans of NAC.

We chose the stand closest to 'vak G' (the stand of NAC fans next to the away stand). Not because it was next to 'vak G', but the view was way better there. During the warming up the Willem II players warmed up in front of the away stand, so also in front of 'vak G'.

When 2nd keeper Kenneth Vermeer had to get a ball that came behind the goal, some NAC supporters threw with beers and other stuff. The keeper turned his face to the crowd and laughed at them. A few more thing were thrown. He caught a lighter and threw it back into the stand, with big cheering from the Willem II fans of course.

When the match started, flags and fireworks were shown by both sets of fans. Yellow flags with the city-logo of Breda on the B-Side (the stand with the fanatic fans of NAC) and Red-White-Blue flags in the away stand. The NAC fans singing 'Breda Breda', and the away stand singing 'Tilburg Tilburg' and 'Tilburg till I die'.

During the first half there was a lot of atmosphere from both sides, but hearing great stories (from the so called 'internet-hooligans') I expected more from the 'Avondje NAC' (evening NAC), which they claim to be so famous. The match wasn't so good, both teams created little numbers of chances.

When te second half started two big flags were pulled over the away stand. One with the logo of the 'KingSide' (the stand where te fanatic fans are at home matches) and one with the city-logo of Tilburg.

After two minutes in the second half there was an own goal from Willem II, after a misunderstanding between the keeper and a defender. After that the atmosphere went down, as well as the football. The Willem II fans were pretty quiet and the NAC fans got a little bored by the match so there singing got less and less also. 'Vak G' were singing songs about Willem II going to the 2nd division, and about the Willem II fans being so quiet.

After the match we had to wait a few minutes before we were allowed to leave the stands, during that time a big bomb was throwed from the away stand on the pitch, which left a hole in the grass. After that we had to walk through the mud again to the busses. After all it was a nice day, with some good atmosphere in the first half. Some ruined shoes by the mud and a good view from the stands.

Report added : 21 January 2008
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