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 Atmosphere report

Flamengo - Fluminense (0 - 2)
Brazilian Championship, 07 Oktober 2007
Stadium : Maracanã Stadium
Attendance : 73.616

The atmosphere was tense. Everyone on the last days talked about this game, even the Botafogo and Vasco supporters talked about this game. It was the third derby in this year. The first was Fluminense 2-1 Flamengo, with the second goal of fluminense in the last minute. The 2nd game was Fluminense 0-1 Flamengo inlcuding 2 red cards.

The last game of Flamengo before this Fla-Flu was against Sao Paulo (1-0). Sao Paulo was the leader of Brazillian Championship and became champion. The last game of Fluminense before this was Flu - Corinthians (1-1), who was relegated to the Brazillian Championship second division.

The stadium was almost soldout. I bought my ticket for 12 Reais (4 euro) in the Fluminense Football Club. Because of the Flamengo's good phase on the championship and the Fluminense's lack of purpose on this championship (they were the Brazillian cup winners, which gives a place on the most important tournament in South America, and were far away from the leader of this Championship) the Flamengo's supporters were in the majority. It was about 45 thousand against 28 thousand.

The Flamengo Ultras had a new song called "Tema da vitória" ("Victory's Theme"). Fluminense's Ultras sang lots of songs like Fluminense Eternal Love, Horto Magiko (Let's go Fluzão)a version of a Panathinaikos's Ultras song etc.

The Ultras Torcida Young Flu, Torcida Força Flu and an aglomeration of supporters that isn't an Ultra called Legião Tricolor were singing out loud all the game. Among the Ultras of Fluminense (where I stayed) there was no place anymore. I had a good view on the pitch but there we have to jump and sing as usual.

Compared to some derbies in recent years there weren't any fights but it was not safe to wear a shirt of one of the teams outside of the stadium.

The game was decided on the first minutes of both halfs, with Somalia scoring the first and Thiago Neves the second. In the second half the Flamengo Ultras were quiet and seated while Fluminense Ultras were jumping, singing and shutting up the mass of people of Flamengo.

This was the best Fla - Flu of the last years, I hope next year, we have another one, even better than this!

Report added : 31 December 2007
Report by : Frederico Mattos
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