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 The Biggest Derbies In World Football

Football has plenty of interesting matches every season, but nothing beats a healthy rivalry. The biggest rivalries in the football scene create an entertaining and electric atmosphere that attracts fans from both sides.

The term derby is often used to describe famous rivalries between two teams and most of them have gotten nicknames from their fans. As such, soccer fans are always looking forward to these derbies every season.

Here are the five biggest rivalries in the world of football.

1. Barcelona vs Real Madrid (EL Clasico)

Featuring Barcelona and Real Madrid, the EL Clasico is arguably the most famous rivalry in the football world. The first match in this derby took place in 1902 when Real Madrid was called Madrid FC, but Barcelona won the friendly game 3-1. However, the derby wasn't yet born at the time. The EL Classico rivalry was formed by the long-standing political background in Spain. Barcelona is seen to represent Catalan nationalism and Real Madrid is said to represent Spanish Nationalism. The clash of these two ideologies in football gave rise to the EL Clasico derby.

2. Manchester City vs Manchester United (Manchester Derby)

The Manchester derby is the most awaited rivalry in the premier league, with online betting sites in Malaysia offering punters solid odds on the game. The derby brings together old city rivals, with the matches attracting millions across the world.

3. Tottenham vs Arsenal (The North London Derby)

Nothing beats an exciting premier league derby featuring two strong sides. The North London derby features two of the most popular teams in London (Tottenham and Arsenal), making it among the fiercest derbies in the EPL. The derby always promises an exciting football action placed at a fast pace. During the team's first meeting in 1909, their rivalry wasn't yet developed. However, the rivalry between the two teams started when Arsenal moved from Southeast London to North London, leaving Tottenham supporters unhappy. That gave rise to The North London derby.

4. AC Milan vs Inter Milan (Milan Derby)

Also called the Derby della Madonnina, the Milan Derby is among the most followed derbies in the world. This derby was brought about by the social divide between the supporters of the two sides and it became popular over time. Apparently, AC Milan attracted fans from the working class, while Inter Milan attracted people from the lower class.

5. Rangers FC vs Celtic FC (The Old Firm Derby)

Featuring the most successful teams in Scottish football, the Old Fim Derby is among the biggest rivalries in football. The derby also ranks among the oldest and most contested derbies in the world, with their first game taking place in 1888. Over the years, the friendly contact between Celtic and Rangers faded as hatred between the fans grew because of religious differences. Celtic FC is geographically located in an area of the city predominantly believed to be Catholic, while Ranger mostly attracted protestants. Unfortunately, this rivalry has occasionally

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