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 Fans Guide To German Stadiums 2005/06



Fans Guide To German Stadiums 2005/06



Stuart Fuller



GTC Media Ltd







Rating  : 

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Synopsis :

For any fans who are thinking of making the journey out to Germany in the Summer of 2006, this book is a must have companion. It details the history of all 12 stadiums, how to reach the ground, how to get to the host cities, where to stay and what to do when you are there.

Unlike other guide books, we have been there and done it. Our reviews of all aspects of public travel, access to the stadiums and what the view is like has been compiled actually watching matches at the grounds. We tell you which airlines fly to which destinations, what facilities the hotels offer and even where you can buy your World Cup souvenirs.

Whether your trip is for one day or one month this guide will help you get the most from your time in Germany. We have even included a section on other grounds for when you have been bitten by the German football bug and you want to come back again and again.

Our verdict :

A must for anyone who's planning of seeing several matches during the WorldCup 2006. This guide describes the 12 WorldCup Stadiums one by one. General information, How to get to, Where to stay, Food and Drink, Tourist information, The local teams ... it's all there.

There's also a chapter about some of the non-WorldCup stadiums that might be interesting to pay a visit. It also includes some general information about Germany and some flight information but those are interesting only when travelling from England. The rest of the book is interesting for anyone who will ever visit one of the German WorldCup stadiums!

Only negative thing I can think of is that the soft cover, the black and white images and the inside flap advertisements give it a bit of a low budget feeling. Whatever, go get it before you head for the WorldCup!
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