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 Seventeen Miles from Paradise - Saints v Pompey, Passion, Pride and Prejudice



Seventeen Miles from Paradise - Saints v Pompey, Passion, Pride and Prejudice



Colin Farmery



Desert Island Books







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Synopsis :

Football's local derbies are passionate affairs. The south-coast derbies between Southampton and Portsmouth are no less passionate than any other.

Strangely, for two clubs of broadly equal size, these two Hampshire giants have rarely been in the same division. Matches between them are therefore comparatively few. Injustices take longer to avenge, and grievances have time to fester.

For fans of either club, there is only one thing sweeter than celebrating victory over the enemy - and that is winning on the opponent's ground. That's paradise. Only seventeen miles separate the two clubs, seventeen miles from paradise.

Our verdict :

Colin Farmery talks you through the history of Portsmouth FC and Southampton FC and their derby matches. No statistics (1 page), no match reports, but 14 nice chapters to read starting with the 'Origins of a Bitter Rivalry'.
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