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 Football's Strangest Matches - Extraordinary But True Stories From Over a Century of Football



Football's Strangest Matches - Extraordinary But True Stories From Over a Century of Football



Andrew Ward



Robson Books







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Introduction :

A collection of football tales gathered from over a century of the game. These stories range from the bizarre to the tragic.

Synopsis :

In this fascinating collection of true stories taken from over a hundred years of footballing history, Andrew Ward has gathered together the most extraordinary events ever to occur on a football pitch. They include stories about the game that spectators couldn't see; the game that lasted four hours, the game that lasted four days, and the matches between the strikers and the police in 1926; the game decided by a hypnotist; the one in which the same player scored all four goals - two for each side - and the game where both sides had the same manager. A delight for all football fans, Football's Strangest Matches is a unique look at some of the most curious moments of the beautiful game.

Our verdict :

This book tells about the strangest football matches ever played. The hilarious situations are described in short chapters (many matches are described in one or two pages) and in chronological order. The book starts with a chapter about the Zulu Warriors visiting Sheffield in 1879 and it ends in 1999 with the Arsenal-Sheffield United match that had to be replayed because the ball wasn't returned after an injury treatment (they scored instead).

Most of the stories are about matches from a time long ago which made some of them less interesting for me but still the book was fun to read. Not a classic 'must have' football book but worth the price.
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