Derby County - Nottingham Forest

Derby County - Nottingham Forest

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'The Rams' and 'Forest' are pretty similar clubs in terms of size, wealth and type of supporters. They are the two most succesful clubs in the area and both want to be known as the best city of the East Midlands. Both had success in the past but are now struggling to live up to past standards. The bitter rivalry between 'the Sheep' and 'the Trees', as the fans prefer to call each other, reached it's height in the mid 70's after Derby's former manager Brian Clough, one of the greatest football managers of all time, joined Forest.

 Last 10 matches between Derby County and Nottingham Forest :

 22 March 2014  Derby County - Nottingham Forest   -  
 28 September 2013  Nottingham Forest - Derby County   -  
 30 January 2010  Derby County - Nottingham Forest   -  
 29 August 2009  Nottingham Forest - Derby County   -  
 21 February 2009  Nottingham Forest - Derby County  1 - 3 
 26 February 2005  Nottingham Forest - Derby County  2 - 2 

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