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AIK Stockholm vs. Djurgardens IF
Stockholm, Sweden

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Rivals, The Offbeat Guide To The 92 League Clubs, is one of the best derby books available.

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 London Derbies

Derbies have been an integral part of football since its inception.

While these games might not matter in the grand scheme of things along the course of a season, most fan bases approach them as if their life depended on it.

Over the years, a lot of factors can contribute towards a rivalry. Be it continued success or geographical reasons, derbies are easily the most passionate matches of football there is.

Clubs closer to each other often have supporters who come across each other in their daily life. Be it in school, work or even in the same family every day. Derbies are a lot more than just three points, local pride is at stake here.

Predicting derbies is also a tough task, although like most rivalries there is usually a dominant side and a team that keeps losing. While you could bet on one side winning most games long-term, in the short run odds can be quite tight as emotions can often trump ability. A good way to compare odds from multiple bookmakers on crunch games like city derbies is SmartBets, a betting comparison site. You still need to do your research on team news, form and injuries, since betting odds will only take you so far in a derby.

Today we look at five of the capital's finest battles based on prestige and rivalry.

Tottenham vs Arsenal

The North London derby is one of the most anticipated games in the Premier League. Ever since Arsenal shifted base from South London, Spurs have been in their shadow.

Two league title wins for Arsenal at White Hart Lane has not helped either. Although Spurs have struggled to match up to the Gunners for decades, they are very much a force to be reckoned with nowadays.

Tottenham's improvement in the recent years and Arsenal's decline has added further fuel to the fire.

Chelsea vs Arsenal

Chelsea's rivalry with Arsenal is quite new as compared to the North London derby. Roman Abramovich's takeover armed the Blues with limitless cash and the arrival of Jose Mourinho drove them to success.

Along the way, Mourinho developed a bitter relationship with Wenger which has now spread amongst both fan bases. Ashley Cole's controversial move from Highbury to Stamford bridge did not help either.

Arsenal have been in Chelsea's shadow since 2005 and the Gunners have often accused the Blues of buying their way to the top of English football.

Tottenham vs Chelsea

Chelsea have always enjoyed a good record against Spurs. The Blues were so successful against Tottenham they started referring to White Hart Lane as the 'three points lane' at one point.

Spurs' win over Chelsea in 2006 ended their 16 year run without a league win against Chelsea.

Chelsea vs West Ham

Just like the Merseyside derby, the hatred in the East London derby stems from geographical reasons.

The East London derby is often referred to as the 'District line' derby because of the tube route between Upton Park and Stamford Bridge. Loads of Chelsea and West Ham fans live amongst each other and the local pride is at stake here.

Furthermore, the Blues signed some top quality players from West Ham over the years. Frank Lampard, Glen Johnson, Joe Cole were all West Ham players. Even John Terry is a local West Ham lad.

Tottenham vs West Ham

This is a rivalry that has been evenly matched over the years. Both clubs treated this derby as a cup final at one point of time.

Both sets of fans live amongst each other in Essex and the hatred is evident on and off the pitch.

Although in recent years Spurs have grown into a better side, West Ham's inferiority as a squad is hardly visible in the derbies.

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